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➢August 31st - Orchestra Potluck, First FOSO Meeting – Cafeteria

➢September 6th - FOSO Board Meeting 6pm Orchestra Room

➢September 14th - Chispas Dine Out

➢September 17th - 18th Bumblebee

➢September 28th - 6:00pm auditorium – Fall Concert (Pampered Chef will kicked off & run for 2 weeks)

➢October 4th - Lou Malnati's Dine (All 3 locations, all day) *Must have flyer

➢October 21th - ABODA

➢November 1-30th World's Finest Chocolates Fundraiser

➢November 15th - FOSO Board Meeting 6pm Orchestra Room

➢December 8th - 6:00pm auditorium – Winter Concert with Mohave 8 th grade

➢January 21st – Tier 1

➢January 27th -28th - Regional auditions

➢February 7th - FOSO Board Meeting 6pm Orchestra Room

➢ February 8th - 6:30pm auditorium Concert of Soloists (Symphonic only)

➢ February 17-18 - Regional festival (If you qualify after audition)

➢ March 7th - 6:00pm auditorium – Spring Concert

➢ March 10 th -11 th – All State Auditions (Gilbert HS)

➢ March 24th – March 27th – New York (Performance at Carnegie Hall

➢ April 13-15 All State ASU

➢April 18th - FOSO Board Meeting 6pm Orchestra Room

➢May 10 th – 6:00pm auditorium – Pops Concert

➢May 18 th – Orchestra Banquet

➢May 24th - Graduation

The events listed above are subject to change. FOSO Dine out night TBD. Any questions – please email